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        The world’s best candy maker has made a decision. He will select a team to inherit the best chocolate factory in the world. There are many people who aspire to great honor. But the intention alone is not enough. Only a fortunate few find the golden ticket that lets in the chocolate factory. And once inside, the team that runs your factory must be special. Artisans in the world of sweet, visionaries in the mix of flavors, teachers in the oldest techniques for the creation of the purest chocolate. Which group has obtained the perfect formula for the perfect sweet? Serious yours?

Decipher the puzzle, solve the game, exit the escape room.
Complete the escape game of Baracaldo (close to Bilbao).


El Pulmón de Gaia is a Barakaldo Theater Company created in 2007 for the development of cultural events. The escape room ´SIN SALIDA´ (NO EXIT) is a sign of their social involvement, its relationship with the culture and the development of imagination.

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Players: between 2 to 5 persons
Price: 50-60 € per group
Length: 60 min
Levels: Teenagers (13 to 18 years old) – Adult (older than 18 years old)
*For teen level, please indicated it in the order.

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  • Players: 2 to 5 participants
  • Price : 50-60 € per group
  • Length: 60 min

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